Monday, July 25, 2011

I have something to say

As you may have noticed, I changed my name, from Crescent Nightmare, to Crimson Nightmare. I am geniunly sorry, to those I have confused, I this post is to say that I am still the same person, and this isn't a diffrent blog or anything. Ok, I would like to state my reasons for my name change. Firstly, I hate the name Crescent. I'm sorry but, its just not for me, and it didn't make any sense to me. But then I stumbled across the name Crimson, and immediatly fell in love with it :) And I think that Crimson Nightmare makes sooo much more sense, because it makes me think of someone having a nightmare that involves blood, which is red, or CRIMSON. You see where im going with this? :D
I would like to put out a massive apoligy to Dragona, whom I know is sensitive to these things. And also to Kallista, because I know shes so nice that she would try to be on pines side and mine too. But its ok Kal, I don't mind. And Pine im really not trying to start a fight, your my friend, and I don't like seeing you upset, but I'm not changing my name back, and thats final. You can ban me from Aquilas blog, and you can ban me from the Overflow blog, but thats ok, because I know that your sensitive to these things. Thats all I wanted to say really. Bye.

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