Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't f****** cry...

I'm trying so hard to not cry..but its all over in a matter of days!! My whole childhood!! It means so much...FFUUUUUUUUUU I'm actually crying right now, listening to that song..It holds so many childhood memories, and means so much to me..I DON'T WANT THE MAGIC TO END. But I will never ever again feel the excitment of a new Harry Potter movie ever again, or here this wonderful music accomanying a new movie...I can't believe I'm actually crying...:'( I can't believe its ending..its so surreal...There are just no word to describe what something as small and insignificant as a movie means to me. I have grown up with these movies. I saw the first one when I was three years old, and since then I have continually watched the movies and as I did I grew up, and so did the characters. Now I have to go and listen to this song over and over and over and over etc because I want to relieve my childhood so bad, this is what I am doing. And crying. :'l


  1. err cresent you know JK is thinking about writing a whole new series?

    P.S i fed your fish

  2. *hugs Crescent*
    It is hard to see something that you hold dear end.
    The good thing is that Harry Potter will never die. His story will always be there.
    ALso. Other good things will happen. It might be anoother special movie, or book, or something in your own life. But you will find happiness again my friend!

  3. Really Snoogy?!?!?!!? Were did you hear that?!?!

  4. And thank you Kal. I will never forget the joy Harry Potter brought to me