Friday, June 24, 2011

Um...Well this is awkward...I have something to say...

*sigh* I'm not good at stuff like goes...

I'm sorry. There. Happy?

I apoligise for my latest post 'cos I was wrong. Pottermore is actually awesomenescafe. If I had been bothered enough, and researched it a bit more I would have known all this:

1) It actually is kind of an RPG You get sorted into a house and get to go  to Diagon Alley and choose a wand and all *tries to contain excitment*
2) On the 31st of July, the first 1 million people to complete an online challenge will get to enter pottermore early and help shape the website *shakes with excitment* I MUST be one of that million. If only I knew what the challenge was?
3) I saw pics of what some features of the website will look like, and man, its gonna be amazing :D
4) You choose a magical username..OK I'm not sure what that means but it sounds cool...

So yeah, now my whole life is leading towards the 31st July, Harrys B-day. I would be an AWESOMENESCAFE choice to help chape the website. I'm such a huge fan and have been since I was a little girl. I must be in teh 1 million. Can't wait bog-people >^.^<

Thursday, June 23, 2011


 That is all I can feel. Disapointment coursing through my baody, at the pottermore website. How could J.K. do this? She has never disapointed me in my life, until now. I can't believe it. I mean its ok to go and open up a website like that, but to make a HUGE deal, with a countdown etc, and then to sell some crummy e-book, and pretty much just try to make more money by selling audio books and e-books? tut tut is all I can say. We all wanted a new book, or an RPG or something worth-while. But now we get a website that has the same HP stories that you can easily just get from the library, and some extra little facts about the wizard world, which isn't too bad, but not worth making a huge deal out of. I'm still foggy on what the website actually is, cos she said its the same stories with a few crucil details, the most important, is you. Now what the HELL does that mean?!?!?! Xpose was saying it could be a cross between a HP encyclopedia, and a HP facebook, with forums and such maybe? I don't know, but I YEARN for an RPG and was bitterly let down today. And the fact that the site doesn't even properly open till October is a further crime. Im so sad,

Crescent :(


Ok, so your probably wondering why it seems I have a screw loose :)
Well, isn't it obvious? What happens today, at presicly 12 oclock? POTTERMORE!! We finally find out what it is!! OMG got up at the crack of dawn to prepare! Put on my finest black gress, grey long-socks, red-lipstick, black bow on my head, and black lacy gloves. The only thing Im missing is a familiar and a wand. Im really really really hoping it will be an animated RPG thing, were you get to make your own charater and start in first year and walk the streets of diagon alley, and hogsmead, and go to lessons, and wonder the halls of Hogwarts. THAT IS MY DREAM PEOPLE!! I LIVE FOR TODAY!! So if you want to watch the countdown as I am, go to:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OK, guys, the weekly qoute...

I forgot all about that, so to make up for all the weeks iv missed I'll give you lots of quotes in my next post I ppromise :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I've just realised that today I have had the shittiest day ever...

Its true. Today was awful. I got asked out by my ex who I dont like, and accidently said yes, and had to crush his happiness and tell him how I really feel. Then I got depresses after reading Kallistas amazing post, and never smiled, fo I was too worried about her, and then My exs best friend said he likes me (Now I REALLY dont like him) and that my ex only asked me out to annoy him, and our conversation ended with him telling me: F**K OFF AND F**K YOU!!!

And then I went on Facebook, and started chatting to this guy I have liked for a really long time and I finally came out and told him I really like him, and he said this: Sorry i have a girlfriend.
-_- And whats weird is his relashionship status says single, although I read some comments from a while ago and he said he was missing someone called Sinead...But yeah. I kind of hate my life right now its sucks ass. All I wanna do is crawl into a hole and become a hermit, or never leave my house again, or move to Antartica, and live with the penguins far away from society. I have had the worst, mosst crappiest, most shittiest day ever.

Now, if you'll exscuse me, I have to go cry myself to sleep.

Kallista. Read this...


I read your new post. It was heart-wrenching. My eyes are tearing up right now. I feel your pain, through the power of your writing. What your parents did to you is disgustingly selfish. They dont deserve a beautiful person like you. You constantly amaze me with your kindness, bravery, and emotion. And most of all the love. No one, espicecally someone like you, should have to expierence the kind of abuse you have. They are monsters. That is the only word that sums it up. And one day, I know, I feel it, that you will travel to this place, this place you speak of, were the sun kisses the sand. Because your just a kaleidiscope of colours. Everything about you. And you are loved. You are a loved person. Never forget that. We love you kallista, with all our hearts. And we care, care so much, more that you could imagine. So don't do anything stupid. Like hurt yourself. You have already been hurt. No need for more hurt.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I would like to start this post by saying I am so sorry for my absense and I can explain it. Ok Crescent, deep breath...and begin.

  When I came back from my trip to Newry for my b-day with Indi, which was like in April, my brother lost the internet conection, and I was blamed, and he found it, and then I was banned from the internet for two months. I still don't know who I got through it. So that explains some of my absence. And then when I was finally un banned I whipped out my labtop but I had no battrey, and guess what?

    I lost my charger.

So I still havent found it, and whilst my brother is out doing he Exams (Im finished school now)
and my mother is in work, I snuck into his room, and stole his labtop. I couldnt ask him to borrow it, cos he would say no, cos I didnt let him use my labtop. Karma.
 But yeah, because of all this, Im going to have some trouble blogging, but I'll try my best to fing my charger. I would also like to say that I heard about the thing with Kallista, and Im in awe with what you guys did that was AMAZING a true showing of friendship. Now I know if anyone I know in person, not including Indi, found out about my blog, (in other words, my Mam, she would ban me from it and delete it on the spot) I know that you guys would come to my rescue just as you did Kallista. And I would like to say, Kallista is amazing, and the kindest person I know, and its an honour knowing her, so I dont know why her parents think what they do, because Im a better person because of her.Now I have to go. My heart is racing and my hands are shaking, because I think I heard my door opening and if anyone sees my on the blog im in huge troujble especially cos im on my bros comp. OMG its so hard to type when your hands are shaking...

Hope to talk to you soon, love you all xxx