Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just Buggin'

Eating cheese with a carrot peeler at the mo. cheese shavin's. Yum. I'm planning on starting to write that fan fic o' mine pretty soon. And, i got a new background! Yay! And descovered a cool new chic evil face = >:D.
 Today i also went to an old ppls home, and realised *whispers* there really creppy...i was scared...I don't mean to be rude, but still...
I read a book one, two odd years ago, that i though was REALLY good, except that it just kept introducing more problems, and not solving any, and theres only pretty much only action, and the longest chapter is like, 4 pages or something, and-- BOBO!!!! GRRR!!! BAD CAT!!! Soz, my cat keeps trying to eat the cheese. Jeez, Bow...
 Anyway, and its still pretty confusing, but i was compelled to read it anyway. It finished with to be continued, of course, to add to my worries, and, in my opinion, still made NO sense at all. Then a week or two ago, a come across the sequel in the shop, and im all YAYS and WOWS, until, i read the blurb, and am a little confused. Then i start reading it itself, and am even more confused. It doesn't really seem to start off were the other one left off, and i cant check, because a year ago i lent it to a friend, along with two other books, and then she moves school, along with my books, never to be seen again. Thanks a bunch shauna.
 And i get it a bit more now since i finished it and it ended with to be continued, ( great. just great) But i understand what the one before it meant a bit, but like i said, the silly author keeps introducing even moar confusing problems, and not solving any. Its ridiculous. I ridicule you, James Patterson, and Ned Rust. Consider yourselfs ridiculed. Um Hm.

Seeya! >:D *Cresent*

P.s. The books called witch and wizard, for any of you who would like to research it. ;p

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I forgot to do OC historys, so...

Here it is.

Cresent Lovelorne-Was brought to the necromancer Temple as a young girl, and taught their ways, but she disagreed with their beliefs so, one night she ran away, and stole a book from there, on necromancer teachings. Because of this, she trys to keep her head down and not get involved with issues concerning the Necromancers, and she can't go near any of them, or she would be in serious trouble. She lived on the streets were she found Tori, and took care of her.

Torrance Valentine (Tori)- When she was at school, she was the constant victim of bullying. Then one afternoon, she had had enough. Anger flooded through her, and took the form of bolts of electricty, injuring those around her. She was shocked, upset and ashamed of what she had done so she ran away to live on the streets, until she found Cresent.

Alice Bluelace-Her family basically thought she was insane, because of her visions of the future, and had made arrangments to send her to a mental home, so she ran away, and then found out she was a Seer, and that she could do magick ect.

Rowan Moss- Rowan has no parents, and was taken care of by her older sister, who happened to be a sorceror, and taught Rowan magick. So when Rowan fled the nest early, she didn't mind as she knew she could mind herself.

Sinder Darke- When she was 7, she woke up on a beach, with no memory whatsoever, as to who she was, or how she had got there. All she had was paper clutched in her hand saying "Look behind you." She was found by authoritys and put into a care home until she ran away a year ago, after discovering her magical abilities.

PHEW! now, I'm almost super sure that thats ALL i have to do concerning my OC's now. Oh, except actually writing the thing..Yeah, that would be smart....Hmmm...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This is REALLY the last profile for an OC Im doing

Name:  Torrance Valentine

Age: 13

Description: Sharp jagged messy short blonde hair, with a fringe.Light blue eyes, tanned skin kinda short, but slim.

Clothes: blue converse,  red jeans, yellow tee-shirt and green bangles.

Voice: Playful-ish

Where do they live: Is with Cresent apartment hunting at the mo, but sometimes stays at Rowans place.

What does she really want: For people to stop judging her on her size.

Is she happy? Yes, most of the time.

People in family: Younger sister

What frightens this charater: Feeling powerless, and people laughing at her, shes a very proud person.

Whats good about this charater: Brave willing, funny, mischievous

Whats not so good: Isn't very careful, might just charge in without a plan, doesnt really have mercy.

What object does she usually carry? phone

Power:  Has the power to pump eletriciy through her hands and control any machine powered by it, and is working on learning to control weather.

This will probably be my main Oc and its profile

Name: Cresent Lovelorne

Age: 13

Description: Long red-browny black shoulder length hair side fringe, dark eyes, tall for her age, slim, boyish figure.

Clothes: Black boots, black baggy jeans, plain black tee-shirt, that is a bit baggy. black string tied around her wrist.

Voice: Determined, but happy most of the time.

Where do they live: Is in the middle of trying to purchase a large apartment with lots of space so her and her friends can stay there.

What does she really want: For sorcerers to stop sending assasins after her, it iritates her

Is she happy? Yes, most of the time.

People in family: One older bro, doesn't see him much.

What frightens this charater: Small spaces( she has claustraphobia), and large spiders (she doesnt mind small ones or other kinds of bugs)

Whats good about this charater: helpful, brave, likes a bit of craic,

Whats not so good: Isn't very careful, and sometimes thinks she can do things by herself but really needs help

What object does she usually carry? phone.

Power:  Necromancer(has necromancer tattoos, instead of an object, the tattoos are infused with death magic), Elemental, and can create a purple-blue energy force which she can control.