Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is the last OC background im doing, cos im too lazy to do any more :P

Name: Alice Bluelace

Age: 15

Description: Long light dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin,

Clothes: Converse, grey skinny jeans, plain blue-grey baggy tee-shirt, bangles, necklace with a moon.

Voice: Dreamy, aloof,

Where do they live: Tree-house

What do they really want: Potato cake, and to stop having visions, and driving those she loves away from her because they think shes a freak.

Is she happy? Always

People in family: Older brother.

What frightens this charater: really bad visions.

Whats good about this charater: Kind, Bright, funny,

Whats not so good: Never quite understands the severity of a situation, is a bit crazy, and is sometimes hopelessy unaware of her surrondings.

What object does she usually carry?  Rose Quarzts

Power: Seer, can sometimes levitate things with her mind, and a minamal amount of mind control

Thursday, February 10, 2011

OMG! Grow up you 43 year old women!!!

GRR! I am angry an have come to vent my feelings through the medium of blogging!!!
A few minutes ago when i was driving home with my Mam in the car, we sterted talking about if i ever got a book published, and we started talking about dedications.
 I said I'd dedicate my first book to my writing course teacher, because without her, i would never have been good at writing. Then if i got a second book I'd dedicate it to my english teacher because he's really cool, and he teaches me english so some of the credit has to go to him, and he's always saying i could get a book published, and I'd dedicate the third to my Mam, cause she drops me to my writing courses ect.
 But then she totally flips out, being all "Oooh, why are you dedicating your THIRD book to me, I should be first, i raised you, i pay for your writing course, yadda yadda yadda"
And Im all, OMG plz tell me your joking...
 And now she's refusing to talk to me and share her chips, and being completely ridiculous!!! How can she be so IMMATURE! I thought she was the adult! I cant believe shes becoming so needy and whiney over something that'll probably never happen, and so what if its the 3rd book, it doesnt matter its not my first, and then i was like well i did the first one to my writing teach, cos i wouldn't be anywere without her and then shes all i pay for it, and all that crap, and im like OMG GET A LIFE, OLD WOMEN!! I thought she was kidding and now shes flipping out this is just stupid, i cannot BELIEVE she would actually say that.

       I mean seriously. Get over it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Background for my new OC!

Name: Rowan Moss


Gender: Female

Description: Mossy green eyes, olive coloured skin (not olive green, but tanned) waist length thick red/auburn  hair, with fringe that falls over her eyes, long eye-lashes

Type Of Clothes: Blue-grey patched jeans, black boots, brown shirt with a beaver eye on it, black bangles and bracelets.

Type Of Voice:  Velvety, though some would describe it as sandpaper, bit of a dublin accent

Were Does She/He Live?: Underground in an old rabbits burrow she expanded using her powers.

Powers: Elemental, the power to control plants and such, can shape-shift into a fox, knows what herbs can heal injured animals ect, and has some healing proporities.

What Does He/She Really Want: To openher own animal sanctuary (Is a earthy kind of person)

Is She Happy?:  Yes

People In Family:  Older Sister, whereabouts unknown.

What Frightens This Charater?:  Not much.

Whats good about this charater?  Feisty, cheeky, likes to be in the thick of it, brave, kind

Whats Not So Good About This Charater: Short temper, not very understanding, protective, not very responsible, loves revenge, reckless.