Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Charater Profile! Hurrah!!!

                                                     Charater Profile

Name: Sinder Darke

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Description: Silky long black hair with heavy fringe, blue-grey eyes, pale skin, heavly lashed and outlined eyes, red lips, black nails.

Type Of Clothes: Blask ripped skinny jeans, black tee-shirt with the night mare before christmas skull on it, blue converse.

Type Of Voice:  Slightly masculine, deep for a girls voice.

Were Does She/He Live?: In the hollowed out trunk of a huge oak tree.

Powers: Necromancy.

What Does He/She Really Want: Her memory back, and revenge on those who took her memory, because when she was younger, she woke up on a beach, with no clue to how she got there, or who she is, or was, except a piece of parchment clutched in her hand, saying: "Look behind you."
She was found by the authoritys, and put in a care home, until she ran away a year ago.

Is She Happy?: Sometimes.

People In Family: Hasn't the foggiest.

What Frightens This Charater?:  That One day she'll look behind her, and see some horrendous monster like creature come to destroy her, or something like that.


Guess what, person who doesn't exsist?! (No one reads this blog. Its just me and the occasional dust bunny rolling through my lint filled brain)
 My Nana had a dream that when she stuck her finger in her ear, she pulled out a HUGE ball of wax! Hehe, yeah, i have a cool nana. Thats true, she actually said that. But no, the real news is that I've decided to do some fan fiction! Im working on some charater profiles, and will post them on here as soon as possible.
 Wow, i just realised how short my posts tend to be....mmm...Curious...

Yours,* Cresent Lovelorne *

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Arrgghh...My Brain...

Since Christmas and a bit before, I've just realised I've been on a bit of a reading spree!!! And when I was in the book shop the other day, looking at lots of potential books that I could have got, I realised my brain had gone into meltdown, from so much reading. Never in my life have I turned down a good opportunity to get some books! The books that made my brain over-heat were The Cherub Series, by Robert Muchamore, and I only have two more books of it to read, then I'm finished. And a big thank you to my friend who recomended them to me.
 The other series is The Gone Series by Michael Grant, and I finished the first three books in just over a week, each of them around five hundred pages. Absaloutly fantastic series that I recommend to everyone. I now wait with baited breath for the fourth book, Plague to come out. I beat my personal record for reading the first book, Gone, which is over five hundred pages, in just three days. So proud of myself...*sniff, sniff*
But anyway, now that my reading spree is over, I NEED MORE BOOKS! Oh, how I wish I had bought those books in that shop that day.

 Well that's all for now. (heehee, i sound like a TV show host...)

Yours, Cresent, or Hana, or whatever the hell you wanna call me.

P.S. Like my new wallpaper backdrop thing? I'm not actually sure if its came up yet...