Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Charater Profile! Hurrah!!!

                                                     Charater Profile

Name: Sinder Darke

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Description: Silky long black hair with heavy fringe, blue-grey eyes, pale skin, heavly lashed and outlined eyes, red lips, black nails.

Type Of Clothes: Blask ripped skinny jeans, black tee-shirt with the night mare before christmas skull on it, blue converse.

Type Of Voice:  Slightly masculine, deep for a girls voice.

Were Does She/He Live?: In the hollowed out trunk of a huge oak tree.

Powers: Necromancy.

What Does He/She Really Want: Her memory back, and revenge on those who took her memory, because when she was younger, she woke up on a beach, with no clue to how she got there, or who she is, or was, except a piece of parchment clutched in her hand, saying: "Look behind you."
She was found by the authoritys, and put in a care home, until she ran away a year ago.

Is She Happy?: Sometimes.

People In Family: Hasn't the foggiest.

What Frightens This Charater?:  That One day she'll look behind her, and see some horrendous monster like creature come to destroy her, or something like that.


  1. Thanks guys! But as i am very inexperienced on the fan fic scene, i actually have no idea what OC means! ROFL

  2. WOW! Great OC! Love to see her in the bio rama as well!