Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Arrgghh...My Brain...

Since Christmas and a bit before, I've just realised I've been on a bit of a reading spree!!! And when I was in the book shop the other day, looking at lots of potential books that I could have got, I realised my brain had gone into meltdown, from so much reading. Never in my life have I turned down a good opportunity to get some books! The books that made my brain over-heat were The Cherub Series, by Robert Muchamore, and I only have two more books of it to read, then I'm finished. And a big thank you to my friend who recomended them to me.
 The other series is The Gone Series by Michael Grant, and I finished the first three books in just over a week, each of them around five hundred pages. Absaloutly fantastic series that I recommend to everyone. I now wait with baited breath for the fourth book, Plague to come out. I beat my personal record for reading the first book, Gone, which is over five hundred pages, in just three days. So proud of myself...*sniff, sniff*
But anyway, now that my reading spree is over, I NEED MORE BOOKS! Oh, how I wish I had bought those books in that shop that day.

 Well that's all for now. (heehee, i sound like a TV show host...)

Yours, Cresent, or Hana, or whatever the hell you wanna call me.

P.S. Like my new wallpaper backdrop thing? I'm not actually sure if its came up yet...

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