Sunday, January 30, 2011


Guess what, person who doesn't exsist?! (No one reads this blog. Its just me and the occasional dust bunny rolling through my lint filled brain)
 My Nana had a dream that when she stuck her finger in her ear, she pulled out a HUGE ball of wax! Hehe, yeah, i have a cool nana. Thats true, she actually said that. But no, the real news is that I've decided to do some fan fiction! Im working on some charater profiles, and will post them on here as soon as possible.
 Wow, i just realised how short my posts tend to be....mmm...Curious...

Yours,* Cresent Lovelorne *


  1. *cries*

    You called me no one :( lol.

    I can't wait for the fanfic :) liking the background too :)

  2. I ment: Dragona Pine, or as i like to call you, Dragon Pie, reads this blog!