Sunday, February 6, 2011

Background for my new OC!

Name: Rowan Moss


Gender: Female

Description: Mossy green eyes, olive coloured skin (not olive green, but tanned) waist length thick red/auburn  hair, with fringe that falls over her eyes, long eye-lashes

Type Of Clothes: Blue-grey patched jeans, black boots, brown shirt with a beaver eye on it, black bangles and bracelets.

Type Of Voice:  Velvety, though some would describe it as sandpaper, bit of a dublin accent

Were Does She/He Live?: Underground in an old rabbits burrow she expanded using her powers.

Powers: Elemental, the power to control plants and such, can shape-shift into a fox, knows what herbs can heal injured animals ect, and has some healing proporities.

What Does He/She Really Want: To openher own animal sanctuary (Is a earthy kind of person)

Is She Happy?:  Yes

People In Family:  Older Sister, whereabouts unknown.

What Frightens This Charater?:  Not much.

Whats good about this charater?  Feisty, cheeky, likes to be in the thick of it, brave, kind

Whats Not So Good About This Charater: Short temper, not very understanding, protective, not very responsible, loves revenge, reckless.

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