Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just Buggin'

Eating cheese with a carrot peeler at the mo. cheese shavin's. Yum. I'm planning on starting to write that fan fic o' mine pretty soon. And, i got a new background! Yay! And descovered a cool new chic evil face = >:D.
 Today i also went to an old ppls home, and realised *whispers* there really creppy...i was scared...I don't mean to be rude, but still...
I read a book one, two odd years ago, that i though was REALLY good, except that it just kept introducing more problems, and not solving any, and theres only pretty much only action, and the longest chapter is like, 4 pages or something, and-- BOBO!!!! GRRR!!! BAD CAT!!! Soz, my cat keeps trying to eat the cheese. Jeez, Bow...
 Anyway, and its still pretty confusing, but i was compelled to read it anyway. It finished with to be continued, of course, to add to my worries, and, in my opinion, still made NO sense at all. Then a week or two ago, a come across the sequel in the shop, and im all YAYS and WOWS, until, i read the blurb, and am a little confused. Then i start reading it itself, and am even more confused. It doesn't really seem to start off were the other one left off, and i cant check, because a year ago i lent it to a friend, along with two other books, and then she moves school, along with my books, never to be seen again. Thanks a bunch shauna.
 And i get it a bit more now since i finished it and it ended with to be continued, ( great. just great) But i understand what the one before it meant a bit, but like i said, the silly author keeps introducing even moar confusing problems, and not solving any. Its ridiculous. I ridicule you, James Patterson, and Ned Rust. Consider yourselfs ridiculed. Um Hm.

Seeya! >:D *Cresent*

P.s. The books called witch and wizard, for any of you who would like to research it. ;p

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