Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I forgot to do OC historys, so...

Here it is.

Cresent Lovelorne-Was brought to the necromancer Temple as a young girl, and taught their ways, but she disagreed with their beliefs so, one night she ran away, and stole a book from there, on necromancer teachings. Because of this, she trys to keep her head down and not get involved with issues concerning the Necromancers, and she can't go near any of them, or she would be in serious trouble. She lived on the streets were she found Tori, and took care of her.

Torrance Valentine (Tori)- When she was at school, she was the constant victim of bullying. Then one afternoon, she had had enough. Anger flooded through her, and took the form of bolts of electricty, injuring those around her. She was shocked, upset and ashamed of what she had done so she ran away to live on the streets, until she found Cresent.

Alice Bluelace-Her family basically thought she was insane, because of her visions of the future, and had made arrangments to send her to a mental home, so she ran away, and then found out she was a Seer, and that she could do magick ect.

Rowan Moss- Rowan has no parents, and was taken care of by her older sister, who happened to be a sorceror, and taught Rowan magick. So when Rowan fled the nest early, she didn't mind as she knew she could mind herself.

Sinder Darke- When she was 7, she woke up on a beach, with no memory whatsoever, as to who she was, or how she had got there. All she had was paper clutched in her hand saying "Look behind you." She was found by authoritys and put into a care home until she ran away a year ago, after discovering her magical abilities.

PHEW! now, I'm almost super sure that thats ALL i have to do concerning my OC's now. Oh, except actually writing the thing..Yeah, that would be smart....Hmmm...

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