Monday, April 4, 2011

Greetings, once more.

Heyo, I know i haven't been on lately, but only because Im soooo busy and there just arn't enough hours in the day. Homework, TV *looks down sheepishly* reading, pokemon *sheepish once more* and loads more. Now, right now i should be learning frech, practising piano, cleaning my room, reading books, and typing up storys. But, out of th kindness in my heart, i have chosen to come her, to you, my loyal friends, as i haven't seen you in loooong time. I plan tp type up some of my story, which i though was a fanfic, but which i realised is mostly just a normal story. And, Indi, if your out there, IM Mrs.Uppitty >:D MWHAHAHAHA! NOT YOU MEEEEEEEE!!! (inside joke :P)
  Seeya, keep cool ;P


  1. LOL
    Aweome to see you again Cresent! I was starting to get worried about you! I'm glad you posted!
    Hope top talk to you soon!

  2. No I'M MS. UPPITY!!!! :P

  3. Ithink Ben is Mr.Uppitty. Yep you heard me right, ben o'kieffe. I saw them hugging and apparently ben kissed mruppitty on the cheek an hand. Bromance much? I guess thats him outta the game. Darn it! >:P

  4. Cool I want to read it!!
    Nice blog edits, by the way :]