Wednesday, April 27, 2011

News and stuff! [thats the best title i can come up with lol]

Greetings peoples!! Apoligies for the absence, my internet wasn't working, and it took me a while to figure out that I should just use my labtop. So here I am!!!
 Yesterday I got my hair trimmed, and way kind of bored of the same old hairstyle, so I threw caution to the wind and asked for a fringe before I could change my mind. Yeah, my lifes so boring that getting a haircut is as about as risky as I'll get. So yeah, I was kind of excited and then when the time for the mirror came, I had to keep smiling, to keep the hairdresser and my mother happy.

 It was HIDEOUS!!!!

I looked all fake and bouncy and weird on me, but then  it started grow on me and I kinda like it now. I don't know how everyone at school is gonna react though...I kept a locke of my hair, and used it as a moustache, but am going to try find somewhere to put it now.

I'm reading a new series of books, called Hendersons boys. Thouroughly recomend them.

I wrote a story for this competition my school is having, and I thought it was like, one page long. Then I printed it. TWELVE pages baby!!! WOOO!! Thats like the longest story I've ever wrote. and that would be like the first chapter.

There are boys in my school. Most are ugly or mean, but some boys are nice, two or three. ^-^ So now I have to think of an evil scheme to make them mine!! MWHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

My friends cat had kittens. two gingers, two blacks. only like, a week or two old. SO cute. There right up there on the cute factor nect to young Daniel Radcliffe in The Philosphers Stone.

I had a dream, and I don't remember much 'bout it, but I remember meeting Kallista in real life, and for some reason she didn't look like that pic. WEEEEIRD.

Of the few friends I have in the area I live in, the majority of them are wierdos. And sometimes, thats not always a good thing.

Hopefully, gonna dye mah hair again tommorrow, YAAAAY.

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! I think I know what book 6 of SP / Skulduggery Pleasent will be!!! Are you ready?!?!?! Drum-roll please!
*drum roll*

     Skulduggery Pleasent: The Death Bringer.

WOOOO! I xant wait to see if I'm right!!

Well, bye folks!!!



  1. LOL Cresent! I hope yo umak eall those cute nice boys yours!
    Love your moustash idea!

    Am wondering what I looked like in your dream. Was I incredibly beautiful?

    Hopefully I was not rude to you in your dream.

    Good to have yo uback my friend!

  2. thank you kallista, and in my dream, you looked like some girl I saw on Home and Away [I still cant believe that I watch that show...] And you were very nice to me :D And I must be REALLY hormonel, cos' usually boys dont dominate my mind-space. Its not really my thang'
    I still have the locke of hair in my bathroom. Im not really sure what to do with it...