Thursday, June 23, 2011


 That is all I can feel. Disapointment coursing through my baody, at the pottermore website. How could J.K. do this? She has never disapointed me in my life, until now. I can't believe it. I mean its ok to go and open up a website like that, but to make a HUGE deal, with a countdown etc, and then to sell some crummy e-book, and pretty much just try to make more money by selling audio books and e-books? tut tut is all I can say. We all wanted a new book, or an RPG or something worth-while. But now we get a website that has the same HP stories that you can easily just get from the library, and some extra little facts about the wizard world, which isn't too bad, but not worth making a huge deal out of. I'm still foggy on what the website actually is, cos she said its the same stories with a few crucil details, the most important, is you. Now what the HELL does that mean?!?!?! Xpose was saying it could be a cross between a HP encyclopedia, and a HP facebook, with forums and such maybe? I don't know, but I YEARN for an RPG and was bitterly let down today. And the fact that the site doesn't even properly open till October is a further crime. Im so sad,

Crescent :(


  1. I will have to check into it Crescent. Octa was saying something about it earlier. SOmething about eagerly waiting for Pottermore to come in Oct. This is what he must have been talking about.
    Anyways, maybe it will turn out better then you realised. Hope it does.

    Hope to talk to you tomorrow!

  2. Awww! That's so not fare! :/ I can't believe they'd make such a big deal over something so miniscule. Bloody annoying, that is...
    ~hugs Crescent~