Sunday, June 19, 2011

I've just realised that today I have had the shittiest day ever...

Its true. Today was awful. I got asked out by my ex who I dont like, and accidently said yes, and had to crush his happiness and tell him how I really feel. Then I got depresses after reading Kallistas amazing post, and never smiled, fo I was too worried about her, and then My exs best friend said he likes me (Now I REALLY dont like him) and that my ex only asked me out to annoy him, and our conversation ended with him telling me: F**K OFF AND F**K YOU!!!

And then I went on Facebook, and started chatting to this guy I have liked for a really long time and I finally came out and told him I really like him, and he said this: Sorry i have a girlfriend.
-_- And whats weird is his relashionship status says single, although I read some comments from a while ago and he said he was missing someone called Sinead...But yeah. I kind of hate my life right now its sucks ass. All I wanna do is crawl into a hole and become a hermit, or never leave my house again, or move to Antartica, and live with the penguins far away from society. I have had the worst, mosst crappiest, most shittiest day ever.

Now, if you'll exscuse me, I have to go cry myself to sleep.


  1. *hugs Crescent as she cries*
    Gosh boys are such jerks sometime. You aught to be treated like a queen and those imbacels swear at you! >:(

    Crescent. I also hate seeng my friends go through crappy days. I hope that tomorrow is a million times better.
    Hang in there.
    I suggest doing something special for yourself tomorrow. I don't knwo what, maybe go see a movie or get a mocha breve or something like that.
    Because of you I was able to smile. BEcause I me, you cried. We can't have that now can we.
    We must get your awesome smile back.
    HAng in there my friend!

  2. Your right. I think I hate the male species...But as you said hopefully today will be better and I think I will do what you said and do something nice for myself.

  3. And its not your fault I cried Kal, its my eyes fault for being all moist. I actually loved that post and I was only worried about you. I blame crying at all the dudes, not the dudette :)

  4. Awwww! I'm sorry, Crescent :(
    ~hugs her~
    I know this reply is very late, but I've gotten really behind in blogs I follow and am only just catching up.
    ~hugs crescents again~
    I hope you meet someone much more awesome that likes you ridiculously much. :]