Thursday, June 23, 2011


Ok, so your probably wondering why it seems I have a screw loose :)
Well, isn't it obvious? What happens today, at presicly 12 oclock? POTTERMORE!! We finally find out what it is!! OMG got up at the crack of dawn to prepare! Put on my finest black gress, grey long-socks, red-lipstick, black bow on my head, and black lacy gloves. The only thing Im missing is a familiar and a wand. Im really really really hoping it will be an animated RPG thing, were you get to make your own charater and start in first year and walk the streets of diagon alley, and hogsmead, and go to lessons, and wonder the halls of Hogwarts. THAT IS MY DREAM PEOPLE!! I LIVE FOR TODAY!! So if you want to watch the countdown as I am, go to:

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