Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kallista. Read this...


I read your new post. It was heart-wrenching. My eyes are tearing up right now. I feel your pain, through the power of your writing. What your parents did to you is disgustingly selfish. They dont deserve a beautiful person like you. You constantly amaze me with your kindness, bravery, and emotion. And most of all the love. No one, espicecally someone like you, should have to expierence the kind of abuse you have. They are monsters. That is the only word that sums it up. And one day, I know, I feel it, that you will travel to this place, this place you speak of, were the sun kisses the sand. Because your just a kaleidiscope of colours. Everything about you. And you are loved. You are a loved person. Never forget that. We love you kallista, with all our hearts. And we care, care so much, more that you could imagine. So don't do anything stupid. Like hurt yourself. You have already been hurt. No need for more hurt.


  1. *hugs Cresent*
    Thank you my friend. It does me good to read these words. I hope to escape to such a place. But ne ver to stay forever. I would like to be there for other people who are hurti ng and remind them that there is still beauty out there. FOr me it's God, nature and people like you and the SP gang.
    I won't hurt myself. The pain I feel might spill out everyonce in a while and I may long for relief, but I will not do anything to harm me. In the end I know I will cheat myself from being with you guys.
    Thanks for bein g there Cresent. it is wonderful to have you back.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read this Kal. Its strange. I never realised how much I cared about you until now. Ever since I read that post, I have not smiled since. It saddens me to know that you are going through hard times. Even all my friends were asking me why I looked so depressed. I even got a stone off the ground and wrote on a wall: Kallista is Loved.
    Your name is on a wall in Ireland :D
    I really hope your okay and can get through this like the strong women I know you are. >^.^<

  3. Wow! Oh! That is SO AWESOME TO HEAR! Tha nks you fo rputting my name in beautiful magical Ireland!
    *hugs Crescent*
    I hope I or some other friend can return the smile to your face.