Saturday, July 2, 2011


I am filled with an ice-cold dread, knowing it is too late to undo what I have done. I am impossibly alone in this world, as the water pours down my face and body, I slump against the wall, wishing unto no end that the darkness, the blackness, take me, and envelope me into its welcoming arms. I feel hollow inside. There is nothing. Just the memories I try to ignore, and ignorance is bliss. But not for long, and never for me. I can never escape what I've done. The memories will torment me forever, and when the sun rises, it will come back all too fast, and the pain will resume. There is no reasurring me. And there is no one who can. No one who knows.
I am impossibly alone in this world.


  1. *hugs Crescent*

    I am praying for you. I pray the lov e of God will fill up that emptiness you feel. HAng in there my friend.

    *hugs her again*

  2. Thank you Kal. Your words are gold. And I know as long as I have my blog, and my friends I will never be completely alone.

  3. So thank you for being my friend. <:)

  4. I pray too, Crescent. I hope you can be really really happy again soon!