Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yeah, about that...

Ignore the post which says ...
For if you read it, a life of misery and weeping sall befall you. Beware, for you have been warned.
But seriously, its really embarressing...I dont know what came over when I wrote that...Im not much of a peot or a songwriter, or anything..Im just...Me. It must have been all the sad music I was listening to..I dont even know what it is..A poem, song, story, all three? I dont know...So just ignore it...
*groans inwardly* why did you post this? Bad Dobby! *grabs lamp of table and bangs head* Mr.Potter must not return to hogwarts!!


  1. LOL, Crescent! Too late! Already read it! And stop whacking yourself with that lamp! Seriously!
    ~tackles Crescent, taking lamp from her~

    Good, Dobby! No whacking of any heads, Ok?

  2. LOL, ok :P But I think I'll take it down anyway...

  3. NO!!!! It's sad, but I love it, and all my songs are sad [lol] but I wouldn't take them down, they are a work of art! Just like your paragraph thingie Cresent!