Sunday, May 8, 2011

Brother, sometimes I REALLY hate you...*glowers*

He walks into my room, and of course he can't know I have a blog, because
A) He might tell my mam, and she would take it off me
B)He would blackmail me
C) He would probably tke it and post a load of wierd stuff, and genereally make my life a misery

So, i quickly changed the window, but hes all 'I need to go on facebook' and im all 'You mean you want to, not you need to' And hea coming over to me, and yanks the internet out of my labtop, and then gives it back.
Raar. I think he almost broke the internet cos it wouldnt work, but cos im so cool i got it working again.


  1. Oh I KNOW how annoying brothers can be sometime!! xD I think they were MADE for that! :P