Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Happy Birthday To Me.

I had an ok-ish birthday, though I forgot to ask for free hugs, which made me sad.

Top 7 reasons why Crescent had a slightly suckish birthday.

1. I had to wake up super early.
2. It was my first day back at school, and I had forgotten everything I was supposed to remember.
3. I lost my locker key, but Indi has my spare, but she comes in way after me, so I had to wait, but then I thought I found it, but it turns out it was my brothers long lost key, which made my feel sadder.
4. I had double home ec first thing. I HATE double home ec, and especially hate my teacher. She claims she gave us homework, which sshe is always doing, and it is all lies. She cant even remember our names.
5. I got LOADS of HW, and only one teacher didn't give me homework.
6. My stupid R.E. teacher took a necklace oss me which I was showing to my friend, and it cost me nearly 30 euro, and i havent got it back. dont know why shes so wazzed though. Im the one who actually behaves in her class. She not even a RE teacher. Were all going to fail, thanks to you, fat-ass (cartman impression)
7. I never even got to go outside to see my friendes. Only in school.

But5, leaving out all that, I got a delish bday cake, was surronded by the friends and people I love, and almost everyone remembered it was my bday. And it was really nice to see everyone again. Tho im still wazzzed i never got to hug anyone. Espeically Mr.Uppitty.


  1. Happy belated birthday, Crescent!!
    Sorry I'm late and sorry bad stuff happened... BUT

    ~hugs Crescent 99 times~

  2. awww, i'm sorry your birthday wasn't the greatest *hugs*