Sunday, May 8, 2011


My chest hurts, and my throat tightens, and my eyes well up, and its like your part of me. Its like your necesarry for me to live. Without you, I would crumble, like ash, when you poke a burned out log in a fire, I would crumble, sending out a shower of sparks. Im barily alive. The only thing keeping me here is the nonchalantly said hellos as I pass you in the halls of misery and hope,and seeing your face, an undescrible one... where nothing seems to happen, but the bustling of peoples bodies, like a fast moving throb, like were all one thing. Its a shame really, how things always seem to turn out. Too bad, really. I can dream, I s'pose, but I wouldn't dare think anything better would come of it. Not now. Maybe not ever. What is this thing, this feeling? I have never read about it or seen it. Though I am feeling, of that I am sure. I dont know what to call. Or rather I am too scared to name it...


  1. Whoa! Very descriptive writing Crescent. Very sensitive.
    Is this how you are feeling now?
    *gives her a hug*

  2. *hugs back* thanks kallista. You have no idea what it means to hear that. And I seem to be feeling like this a lot more often lately...Stupid emotions...

    *inward groan* why did you post this? Bad Dobby! *grabs lamp of table and bangs head*

  3. woah...beautiful imagery :)

  4. Wow! That was so beautifully sad.
    I'm sorry you're felling that way, though. :[
    ~also hugs Crescent~