Friday, October 29, 2010

My hair Isn't the same colour it was yesterday..Which can only mean one thing...

I DYED MY HAIR! My natural hair colour is a medium brown, but i eventually got bored of seeing that same boring colour every day...So I went out and got myself a bottle of permanent deep red/morello cherry hair dye.

And how glad am I that i did!!!

It looks freakin' AWESOME! But at the same time, i feel obliged to go darker, a more noticble red, as its not that noticeble. But that may well be down to the fact that my hair is very long and thick, and Im not sure if there was enough dye in that bottle for my whole head.
My mother did it you see, so as her daughter i shall be forever questioning her judgement. Though really i should put  a word in for her, as she was kind enough to actually let me do it in the first place, to go out and find the dye, in the pouring rain, (Winters certainly arrived, eh?) and then do it even though netheir of us are 100% sure if my school actually allows dyed hair. But it was SO worth it.
 I have been constantly asking her to get another bottle of a darker shade of red hair dye, because like i said Im not sure if there was enough in that bottle as some of my hair is still brown.
I would also like to thank my friends, because of there valuble judgement of how long i should leave the dye in for.
Then one of my considrebly more intelligent friends kindly pointed out that it was probably better to read the box than to estimate how long we should leave it in.
25 mins was the max we were supposed to leave it in, and i was thinking of leaving it in an hour! *Nervous laugh*HAHAHAHA!! Yeah..heh..imagine, cool that would have been..*Gulp*
So anyway I'll just be sitting here misrebly typin' away, while my over-protective mother sleeps with a migraine in the bed behind me. She'll probably be reading this later on. Remember mammy, I love you!

Yours, April Noir

P.S. Like the new name? April?


  1. Yeah, im a really indecisisive and picky person, so my name will probably change every post XD. Im really into wierd and unusual names, though April not that unusual, but i like the surnames, like Noir, which is french for black, and Darke, which doesn't mean anything in particular, I just did it for the craic. XP