Saturday, October 2, 2010

First Post Ever! This Should Go Down In History...

I took my time when making this blog, carefully choosing a name, pondering over what title it should have, and then artistly creating the templates and such. But when it comes to the part where i actually write something?
My mind has gone blank, all thoughts that were actually worth something, scurried into the darkest corners of my mind. Wow, i was not expecting this. I would consider my mind to be one of the greatests of this generation, but not in a clever way, though one of my Idols is Albert Einstien, but most of that is to do with his AWESOME hairstyle. No, my intelligence is the average of any 12 year old girl you may or may not come across. Well thats what i think. But my creativity and ability to write, or in this case blog so And right now you might be thinking "Oh, what an ego filled idiot" or you could do the right thing and think, "Hey, you know what? I kinda like this girl. I think i'll read her post's alot from now on". My advice? Go with the second option. You know what would also help me become a succseful writer, other then devout fans/followers? If those valuble thoughts would come out of hiding, and help me to write something relevant to this blog.
Just until a moment ago one of my cats was sitting right up infront of my computer, trying despretely to catch the mouse as i flicked it up and down, chuckling darkly to myself.
I own two cats in total, both of them sitting behind me on my bed, one repeatitly drawing her tounge over her jet black fur, the other snoring gently in her sleep. Awww.
One thing about me that Im sure you'd love to know, is that not only am i a passionate writer, but i am also a passionate reader. And one of my all time favorite authors, is the one and only Derek Landy.
He was actually the one who inspired me to write this, not only being The  Golden God, but showing me that Irish writers can be just as popular and succesful as American and British authors. I am Irish also, and live in Co. Dublin, but for obvious reasons i will not be revealing personal details. Don't want any stalkers just yet. I also often read through the golden gods blog, and in one blog, he mentioned he has too many cats, and not enough dogs. Well, for anyone out there reading this, and by golly i do hope there is, You can never have too many cats.
Well devout fans/follwers, until next time, when hopefully, a few more thoughts may lurk out of no were, I'll be seeing you I s'pose.
This was my, legendary, first post.
Jette Moon Darke. (not my real name of course)


  1. Yeah, kitty's are the best. And thank you Lizzy, for viewing and commenting on my blog. You can be my first devout Fan/Follower