Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thank you's and Corruption

Thank you blog, for being there to listen to me, when no one else would. You have been here a while, eh? Me and you, we have been through a LOT, and you hold a lot of memories. This whole community has. I started off with something like 2 followers, and now I have 11, and I couldn't be prouder. 
But now cracks are beginning to show.
People are arguing more than before, and things...Things have changed so much...It makes me sad thinking how the blog will probably never be like it was before. But then again, no ones really on the blog are they?
 Everyone's on the chatbox.

Leave your hate comments below ^_^


  1. Cres, hey!!
    How are you??
    Havent been talking to you in AGES.

  2. You underestimate us... we actually fight less now.
    ... not to mention we also fought when everyone was on the blogs...
    Be a bit more optimisitc. =P

  3. *hugs Crescent*
    There is less fighting now. But evenwhen there is an argument, we can be strong and hamg in there and not abbandon our friends so easily. Arguing happens in ANY and every relationship. Don't be discouraged my dear friend.
    SOme of still go on the blogs. But you should also see all the wonderful newer people coming on. Derek alwasy has new minions coming on and they are all pretty epic! :D