Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Octaboona, Kallista, Dragona love triangle explained.

OK, I think everyone knows its obvious, that Octa and Kallista are pretty much in love ^_^
They even write poems about each other, which is adorable. Even when I first joined this blog it was blatently obvious to me, that there was a lot of chemistry between the two. And Octa's poems about Kallista sent shivers up my spine.
And then one day, whilst on Dereks blog, Drag asked Kallista to marry him. Even before he asked this, he was obviously crushing on her.I remember saying Kal and Pine in a tree..etc, and Kallista replying, no, its Kal and Octa in a tree!! And when he proposed, she said she had to ask all the other boys from the blog for their permission, because she couldn't ask her Dad. And she asked Octa, and he said: "But what if I want to marry her? :)" But in the end, Kal said yes. It is a well known fact, that Kallista is the nicest person on the planet. So I can see why she would have said yes to marrying Drag, and I think its really nice that the two are happy. But even so, its still obvious that her and Octa have an starcrossed romance. Its adorable. :3

Is it just me whos seeing this? C'mon people, its obvious!!


  1. I think it's more of a square than a triangle, but, um. Yeah.

  2. lol Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

  3. It's cute.
    Benevolent Queen Kal, married to *indicipherable noises* Dragona, even though she loves the Purple Poet that is Octa...

    its like a fairy tale...

    BWAHAHAHA, I haz an idea for a drawing! MEDIVAL TIME!

  4. But Kallista would dance with Dragona around Christmas time... And she would kiss him and everything...

  5. If you ask me, there's more than one kind of love.

    But this post WAS fun to see. ^^

  6. Crescent, really, this is none of your business. Our feelings are our own, and if it ever concerns you, we'll say so.
    It was quite fun to read, but I don't see why you would post this -it isn't anything to do with you. And most people remember it all anyway, so there's no need.

  7. I love Dragona and it has been a joy to be marrid to him. :D
    Aquila is right. There are different kinds of love.
    For instance, it can be said that I love everyone. I love everyone like they are my brothers or sister.
    Yes, Octa and some others have a love that is beyond that. But I don't need to share that right now ;)

  8. Lolz guys, I only posted this as a joke, I really hope I didn't offend anyone in doing so, and it I did I'm sorry. I am quite an eccentric person :P
    And I'm glad some of you thought it was fun to read ^_^ because thats what I aim to do with this blog, and I wanna say thanks to you guys for reading this :D It means a lot to me, as not many people read my blog. Thanks guys :D

  9. Dragona, the reason I posted this, was because I thought some people might enjoy reading it, because some people only joined resently, and I wasn't being serious about anything, it was like a joke post :)
    Hope that answers your question. :)